Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cambodia Searches for Facebook User Who Insulted PM’s Wife

Authorities in Cambodia have requested the help of Interpol, after a Facebook user doctored a photo of the First Lady with her legs apart.

As Asian Correspondent reports, Prime Minister Hun Sen posted a family holiday photo on Facebook, shortly before an edited copy started being shared on the social networking site.

The new version of the photo depicted the Prime Minister’s wife, Bun Rany, standing with her legs apart. This is considered highly inappropriate in Cambodian culture.

The photo was initially shared with the caption:

“What! Cambodia’s First Lady stands like that for photograph! Such a bad example for Cambodian women!”

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PM Hun Sen posted on his Facebook wall in response:

“It is deceitful and cheap behaviour for opposition activists who think that nobody is watching their acts … All actions that ruin my honor and my family’s honor, as a prime minister of a country, those must be held responsible before the law.”

He has warned that he is working with Interpol to issue a Red Notice to the maker of the photo.

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