Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cambodia's New Law Protects King from Insults

The National Assembly of
Cambodia has held an extraordinary session on Wednesday that will cover changes to the Penal code, draft a law on business development with Laos and Vietnam.

The Penal Code will be amended so that anyone who insults the King or government leaders may receive 1-5 years in prison and a $500-$12,500 fine. Countries such as Thailand and Saudi Arabia have similar laws protecting their King, but the punishments are much more severe.

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The formation of the new laws follows criticism from the Deputy Prime Minister, who compared the King to a “castrated rooster” and was charged with defamation. Law enforcement will not need a formal complaint filed by the King to punish those who insult the royal family.

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Image: President Lee and Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni

Monday, February 12, 2018

Indonesian Parliament Drawing up New Law to Criminalize Gay Sex

Gay sex is currently legal in Indonesia except for the province of
Aceh that is ruled by religious Islamic law. However, that is about to change as new legislation will out rule adultery, condom use and same-sex activity. Indonesia’s health ministry has also announced it will amend its medical guide to consider homosexuality as a “mental disorder”.

Politicians for the upcoming 2019 Presidential elections see the draft as an opportunity to cater to the religious base of the nation. Authorities have used anti-pornography laws to criminalize members of the LGBT community. 

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The UN Human Right Chief has criticized the upcoming laws saying it will only “deepen their suffering and create unnecessary divisions” and that these provisions should be removed immediately. The law if passed will allow police to conduct raids and jail those found guilty of adultery for up to five years.

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Image: Indonesia Parliament

Monday, February 5, 2018

Child Abduction Act in Convention with the Hague Treaty on Child Abduction

Thailand lawmakers in 2013 took on many of the provisions from the international treaty, the Hague Convention on Child Abduction Law in Thailand. The domestic law, now known as the Thailand Child Abduction Act, will allow an aggrieved parent to file for the return of their child. However, the parent who is filing for their return must be able to prove that the child’s “habitual residence” is the country where the child is being requested back to. 
The Hague Treaty on Child Abdution is a treaty of international law that provides for uniform enforcement of child abduction laws between participating nations. Under the Act, petitions can be submitted to the Thailand Central Authority.
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Indonesian Police Crackdown on LGBT Community in Aceh

Police raided several beauty salons in the conservative province in Aceh, rounding up a group of transgender women who had been accused of making fun of young boys. The police provided the reasoning as violating the province’s religious laws and had to hold back a crowd of locals from attacking the transgender group.

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Police proceeded to “re-educate” the Trans people by cutting their hair and demanding them to talk in masculine voices. The police chief comments that the re-education is necessary as “their numbers are growing”. Aceh is the only province in Indonesia where homosexuality is illegal and LGBT people are often criminalized with an anti-pornography law.

Aceh has been granted autonomy to be governed by Islamic law since 2001. The Trans women will be arrested until they complete their “training program” to become manlier.

Amnesty International in Indonesia has spoken out against the treatment of the transgender women saying it is a breach of “human rights” and needs to be investigated.

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Image: Lambang Polda Aceh

Infamous Serial Beggar of South East Asia Blacklisted from Thailand

Holst, who uses his abnormally large leg that he says, is from elephantitis to beg for money in South East Asian countries has been evicted from countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and permanently blacklisted from Thailand. 

The eviction and blacklisted occurred as he used the funds he supposedly begged for to get back to his home country Germany on hookers and alcohol.

Holst has updated his social media to show not only his new African wife but his new name as he has converted to the Muslim faith. He is now known as “Benjamin Mohamed Drammeh”. He hopes to use his new name to gain entrance into Thailand again.

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Image: Philippines Lifestyle

Friday, January 12, 2018

Myanmar Reuters Reporters Case Continues Despite International Condemnation

The Myanmar police have yet to release the two Reuters reports that were arrested last year in December for acquiring “important secret papers” from the police who sparked the refugee crisis of the Rohingya people in the Rakhine state. Their lawyer, Than Zaw Aung has tried to appeal for bail but was dismissed by a judge announcing their next hearing to occur on the 23rd of January.

The pair is being charged for violating Myanmar’s Official Secrets Act and may be sentenced for up to 14 years. The arrest of the journalists despite widespread criticism from human rights and media groups has exposed the deterioration of press freedom in Myanmar. Media outlets and journalists are wary of reporting on “sensitive topics” in fear of harassment or arrest.

Myanmar’s continual use of colonial-era suppression of the media has caused criticism over the nation’s new civilian government led by Aung San Suu Kyi, a recent Nobel Laureate Prize winner. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Amnesty International have called for the immediate release of journalists. Bill Clinton tweeted that “a free press is critical to a free society and the detention of journalists anywhere is unacceptable”.

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Vietnam Communist Government Launches Anti-Corruption Sweep

The government has put on trial 22 executives who have been charged with losses of Vietnam’s oil firm, PetroVietnam. Among the executives, is the first politburo member to face a trial in decades.

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The trial follows a crackdown on corruption and mismanagement of the banking and energy industries. Of the executives being charged, 12 are accused of economic mismanagement and eight are accused of embezzlement. The seriousness of these offenses may result in the death penalty or 20 years in prison.

The corruption crackdown is rumored to be politically driven and aimed at those who are close to the former PM Nguyen Tan Dung. One of the Politburo members on trial was said to be kidnapped from a park in Berlin and taken back to Vietnam against his will to face charges of more than $150 million from PetroVietnam.

However, when he appeared in court on national television, he stated that the decision to return home was his own.
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