Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thai Fishing Boats now Coded to Help Fight Human Trafficking

The Royal Gazette published early April that by the end of May it will be a legal requirement for Thai fishing boats to display an identification code made up of four sets of numbers and letters on the side of their boat.

The Director-General of the Fisheries Department explains that the new policy will help tackle illegal fishing. The letters will designate the area that the boat is meant to be in and how much it weighs and the numbers will signal the boats registration number.

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Besides tackling unregulated fishing, the implementation of the identification codes will help to identify fishing boats associated with human trafficking. The codes on the boat will make it easier for people to identify which vessel they are on.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Philippine Legislature Considering Legalizing Divorce

Divorce was legal in the Philippines up until 1949 when they became independent of US rule. Since then, the predominantly Catholic (80% of the population) country has outlawed divorce. However, lawmakers are taking “major steps” towards legal provisions for divorce, says reports.

The new legislation may face fierce opposition from their president, Rodrigo Duerte, who has publicly stated that he is for same-sex marriage but not divorce. His spokesperson, Harry Roque explains that Duerte would be concerned for the children of divorce and that it would be “pitiful”.

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The president stated that he would rather a legal separation where there is still a chance for the separated parents to get back together where a divorce would finalize it. Although, divorce is illegal in the Philippines, couples still have the option of getting an annulment, though it is a timely and costly process.

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Chinese Sperm Bank favors those who “Love the Socialist Motherland”

A sperm bank in Beijing has announced that they are looking for millions of sperm donors, not just any sperm donors though. The Peking University Third Hospital has stated that they require a unique quality for the requested sperm donors.

That is, that they must “love the socialist motherland. Donors who are communist to the core will receive 5,500 yuan ($872) for their donation. They must prove their “favorable political qualities” and of course pass a medical testing.

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Flag of the Chinese Communist Party 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Reuters Reporters Attorney Files for Dismissal in Myanmar Court

The defense Attorney handling the case of two
Reuter’s reporters who were detained last December for allegedly possessing top secret government documents, has asked the Myanmar court to drop the case due to insufficient evidence.

The Attorney stated in the court hearing that witnesses have “testified and been cross examined” and there is still no proof. The court responded in allowing the arguments for the motion of dismissal in the next hearing on April the 4th.

Diplomats from Australia and the EU also attended the hearing. The reporters have been charged for breaching the “Officials Secrets Act”.
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Image: High Court Burma

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Uber Fails to Regional Rival Grab in South East Asia Market

After bowing out of China, Uber makes its second retreat from Asia. Uber has agreed to sell its South East Asian operations to rival, Grab, but will still hold a 30% share in the company.
CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi explains that Uber has pulled out of the SEA market due to “fierce competition” and a lack of profitability. The company will now shift its focus to Australia, Latin America, Europe and the US. However, Khosrowshahi has stated that he will continue to “invest aggressively” into South East Asia.

Uber’s bow out of South East Asia is another episode of its continuance in a series of downfalls in the last year for the company. The previous year they had lost 4.5 billion dollars due to competition, regulatory violations in Europe and sexual harassment allegations from their former CEO.

Uber is currently preparing for its first public offering in 2019.
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Thai and Cambodian Leaders Discuss Cooperation on Fugitives

Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha and Cambodia Defense Minister, Tea Banh met on Wednesday to discuss conflict prevention measures between the two countries when it comes to individuals running from the law and crossing borders.

They agreed that both countries would monitor potential fugitives. A labor rights advocate, Tola, spoke out on the agreement that it made a lot of Cambodians nervous for those fleeing the Cambodian government crackdown. Tola is wanted himself for breaching trust when he “allegedly misappropriated” a murdered activists funeral funds.

Tola adds that the agreement should only focus on serious criminals and not those who are wanted for politically motivated charges. Closer cooperation between the neighboring countries may cause trouble for Thai activists hiding from the military in Cambodia.

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President of Russia

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Australian Attorneys File Crimes Against Humanity Charges on Aung San Suu Kyi

In Australia, persons can be prosecuted under the
principal of universal jurisdiction. This is when a national court recognizes serious crimes against international law. On Friday, a team of highly respected Australian human rights attorneys filed a private prosecution application to the Melbourne magistrates’ courts against Aung San Suu Kyi, who is currently in Australia, attending the ASEAN Australia special summit.

A response to the application should be revealed next week, however cannot be processed without the consent of the attorney general, Christian Porter. The legal team has commented on the implementation of the prosecution due to the de-facto Myanmar government leader failing to use her position of authority to condemn the national Myanmar security force from committing genocide of the Rohingya people.

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A spokesperson for the Australian legal team acknowledges the difficulty of prosecuting a foreign leader under universal jurisdiction prosecution. There may be conflict of whether she is protected with immunity.

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Image: Aung San Suu Kyi